Cargo forwarding


One of the basic orientation of Company's activity is  the  forwarding,
control and maintenance of delivery of cargoes in Turkey.

We can adjust the full logistical cycle from manufacturer's warehouse
to warehouse of receiver.

In  our  choice  are  the  railway  or  automobile transportation inside

Our cargo operation activity lay at the all of turkish ports.

Having counted various variants of delivery of your cargo, we'll present
you  optimum  expenses , time , ways.  We'll  provide the full safety for
your cargo, and well-timed delivery.

  We have the good experience of delivery and transhipment for heavy
large-sized cargoes.

Phone/ fax: +90 216 349 78 23
Phone: +90 216 449 71 56
Mobile phone: +90 532 681 24 01( Dmitry Efremov)
                       +90 532 681 23 93 (Esmira Mammadova)
                       +90 533 955 40 13 (Mustafa Kucuk)
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