Ship agency service


Our company renders all spectrum of agency service for  the vessels passing through turkish straits and calling to ports of Turkey. We execute all formalities by the turkish law and Instructions of the Maritime Administration.

We  have  watch  points on entrance to Bosporus, in Istanbul and in Dardanelles. We are  in  contact  with  captain  for  consultation  and  explaining of difficult situations for 24 hour.

As the  general agents  of shipowner we have control the port agents, nominated by charterer.

Our  good  working  relations  with Marine Administration of Turkey , pilotage stations and  the Traffic Control allow us to make our agency duties quickly and  qualitatively.

Cooperation  with  our Company gives you qualitative and fast service of your vessels and economy of your charges.

The good ship agent is, who can fast and with the minimal expenses to resolve any problem of the shipowner.

Phone/ fax: +90 216 349 78 23
Phone: +90 216 449 71 56
Mobile phone: +90 532 681 24 01( Dmitry Efremov)
                       +90 532 681 23 93 (Esmira Mammadova)
                       +90 533 955 40 13 (Mustafa Kucuk)
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