Ship supply


Our company perform  the  technical supply of vessel at transit passage
of turkish straits. By your request we'll find any materials and equipment
for your vessel, and it'll be delivered  aboard in short time.

Distributor  of all world  manufacturers  for ship equipment are located in
Istanbul.  We   have  direct   contact  with every foreign distributor and
turkish  manufacturers.  Also  is possible the transit delivery from Europe
or other countries.


The  center  of  turkish  shipbuilding and ship repair is in the bay Tuzla in
30 km  from of Istanbul. In Tuzla are located more than 40 shipyards and
factories for ship repair.

 At the account of price, quality and terms of repair, turkish shipyards are
the  most preferable place for ship repair.

Now, practically,  all shipyards work with full loading. Many European and
Russian companies are repairing them vessels at Tuzla.

If  you  have t he interest  for  repair  your  vessel  in  Turkey, we'll send
quotations and terms of repair of your vessel.

We'll order  your application  for a turkish shipyard and we'll control under
repair of your vessel.

Phone/ fax: +90 216 349 78 23
Phone: +90 216 449 71 56
Mobile phone: +90 532 681 24 01( Dmitry Efremov)
                       +90 532 681 23 93 (Esmira Mammadova)
                       +90 533 955 40 13 (Mustafa Kucuk)
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