Yacht service


Traditionally, the yacht business  is well advanced at Turkey. There is many
suitable yacht harbours and the service and construction shipyards.

Yachts building.

 In  Turkey  are located the  branches of  European yacht building yards and
the same turkish manufacturers.

The  wooden  motor  yacht ,  length  of 30-40 m,  class lux is under  building
6-9 months.  The prices  for 30-50 %  are  lower  than in Europe, quality and
furnish do not concede European.

Some shipyards build large steel yachts from 30 up to 100м length.

All these yachts are building serially or under the individual order.

Building  the  fiberglass  yacht ,  up  to 20 m,  more  short while 1- 6 months,
depend on busy condition of shipyard orders.

Our company works directly with manufacturers of yachts. With our helpness
you  can  order  to  shipyards  for  the  yacht  building  and  we'll  control for
performance your order .

Sale and rent of yachts.

In our disposal is the database on yachts for sale and for rent.

We'll find yacht for you by you parameters and conditions .

We'll provide legal and technical support of your vessel in all turkish ports. 

Phone/ fax: +90 216 349 78 23
Phone: +90 216 449 71 56
Mobile phone: +90 532 681 24 01( Dmitry Efremov)
                       +90 532 681 23 93 (Esmira Mammadova)
                       +90 533 955 40 13 (Mustafa Kucuk)
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